Water soluble formulation of cold-pressed neem oil for animal care

BioCare is a novel formulation from the research team of Nature Neem. Its ingredients are optimised for animal and birds. It is effective to control the external parasites and the different fungal diseases affecting animals and birds.
BioCare is the choice of pet keepers who want to search for a natural alternative to chemical pesticides. These synthetic pesticides not only stress the animals but also affect the human beings in contact with these animals. BioCare is certified organic and it does not leave any traces in the animal body. Hence, it is a favourite input for organic farmers producing certified meat and eggs. When compared to other known botanical pesticides such as Rotenone and Pyrethrin’s, BioCare is superior due to its wider application and its influence on nearly 600 species of insects and fungus. It is significant that some of the fungal infections such as the ringworms that are resistant to conventional pesticides are effectively cured by BioCare.

Indian Ayurvedic texts have described the Neem tree by associating its remarkable healing properties from as far back as 5000 BC. Indian has utilised neem for protecting their animals and cultures. That’s why consider, they consider neem as a holy plant.
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  • Unique neem product formulated specifically for insect control in animals and birds.
  • It has proven effects to control the external parasites and diseases affecting animals and birds.
  • Nontoxic to mammals, animals, birds and aquatic life. Does not affects the health of farmers.
  • Unlike chemical or synthetic insecticides, it does not stress the animal or birds.
  • The herbal power of neem serves as a natural healing agent for curing the wounded or infected skin.
  • Eco-friendly: Organic, natural and biodegradable. The product degrades naturally and does not get carried over to the animal skin, meat, milk, eggs.
  • • Suitable for organic agriculture. Inspected by ECOCERT SA F 32600.

How is BioCare different from other conventional pesticides ?

BioCare is prepared by the experienced team of technocrats containing entomologists, chemists, agricultural scientists and field level technicians who know about the practical difficulties of controlling pests without chemicals or conventional pesticides.
Thus, BioCare is a unique combination of natural ingredients that are tested to leave no chemical residues or create no side effects on the skin of the animals.

How it works ?

BioCare belongs to the category of medium to broad-spectrum pesticides. It works by intervening at several stages of the parasites’ life cycle. It does not kill the pests instantaneously but incapacitates in several other ways, thereby the parasite could not develop resistance. BioCare does not create any environmental problem and keeps the agro-ecosystem totally pollution free.
It utilises one or more of the above methods to eradicate the pests.
  • Sterilizes insect reproductive system and disrupts reproduction.
  • Reduces insect egg laying capacity.
  • Disrupts egg hatchability.
  • Adversely affects the development of larva, pupa and nymphs.


BioCare also acts as a good fungicide and bactericide in animal skin treatment. It prevents secondary infections that are caused by fungus and bacteria after an insect attack. It has proven effects against Dermatophytosis (Ringworm) caused by several fungi. A permanent control is provided, and the recurring infestation is arrested. Additionally, the natural curative effect of neem helps to repair the damaged skin.

Dosage or mode of application

BioCare can be diluted and sprayed on the animals. It is important that it should be equally sprayed on the environment of animals like walls, floors, animal bed, carpets etc. A few drops of BioCare can be applied on a cotton or cloth without dilution. Then it can be applied like an ointment, directly on the wounds and patches where the skin has been damaged due to an insect or fungal infection.

BioCare as a fungicide and bactericide

Tested to control and repel the ectoparasites affecting animals such as fleas, ticks, mites, flies, mange. Natural healing aid for minor Cuts, grazes, broken skin, skin Irritations, itching (Insect bites or Allergies), sore or cracked pads, worms.

Remarkable rejuvenation of dog’s skin

There are lot of case studies that proves that neem has cured and rejuvenated the skin of dogs. These dogs were nearly hopeless after recurring skin disease that is not controllable using synthetic drugs.
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For cattle, horses, pigs, rabbits and other animals

Mix 50 ml of BioCare in 1 litre of water (5%). Spray on animal skin and around their environments such as the carpet, floor and walls. A few drops can be applied, as an ointment, directly without dilution on the damaged skin. No need to bath or wash the animals. But if there is a necessity to wash, wait at least 30 minutes to 1 h. For an optimal control, apply once in a week.

For dogs, cats, and other pet animals

The chemical pesticides utilised habitually for controlling the parasites in the pet animals stresses them significantly. It may be equally dangerous for the children in contact with these pet animals. BioCare is completely safer to non-target organisms.

For birds, especially poultry

Mix 50 ml in 1 litre of water (5%) and spray on birds and their environment such as the cage, ground, walls etc.
In the case of major infection: Mix 50 ml for each litre water (5%). The volume of this preparation must match the size of the bird. For example, add 500 ml of the product in 10 litres of water for hens. Immerse the body of the bird (head outside) for approximately a minute and let the bird dry naturally. Apply once in a week or every 15 days. BioCare effectively control recurrent infestation caused by mites. (example Red Poultry mite)

For already infected animals

Mix 25 ml of BioCare in 500 ml of water (5%). Spray or apply on the animal skin with a sponge. No need to bath the animal. If required, wait for at least 15 minutes. The prepared solutions must be equally sprayed on the animal’s environment such as dog beds, carpet, niche, basket, armchair, car mats which may contain tiny invisible pests.

Dog shampoo

You can mix about 30 ml of BioCare to 100 ml of dog shampoo. If your dog is already struggling with fleas or ticks give the dog a wash first. Use a mild shampoo with a generous amount of BioCare added, work that into the coat and leave it in for a while. Then rinse and use the spray. Do this at least once a fortnight. The neem dog shampoo makes sure the BioCare really gets everywhere. It's more effective at reaching the ticks and fleas that are already present. Don't expect it to work wonders immediately, especially with ticks! BioCare does not necessarily kill pests on contact. It works slowly by affecting mostly the eggs and larvae.

Instant dog spray or insect repellent solution

Mix 25 ml of BioCare in 500 ml of water. Spray directly on the skin before a walk in the woods or in an environment where the animal may be infested. The spray will hopefully keep additional pests away.

A few drops of BioCare can be applied on a cotton or cloth without dilution. Then it can be applied like an ointment, directly on the wounds and patches where the skin has been damaged due to an insect or fungal infection. The curative effect of neem repairs the skin efficiently and replaces the hairs gradually.
A spray of BIOCARE on the the birds and its surroundings repels and protects poultry from Red Mites.
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BioCare is certified as per the following norms, to be utilised as a product for the elimination of insects and other pests in buildings and other installations where livestock is kept.

Nation organic Program (NOP)

Input suitable for Organic Farming, Product compliant under NOP.

European Commission standards

Inputs suitable for use in Organic Farming, according to (EC)
n° 834/2007 & 889/2008 Regulations


by Ecocert SA F-32600
Product for the elimination of insects and other pests in buildings and other installations where livestock is kept.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I go for organic certification? Can I utilize BioCare?

    BioCare is certified by Ecocert complaint to NOP & EU norms. Please contact us, if your certifying agency is requesting the Ecocert input authorization details. BioCare is nothing but pure neem oil with approved organic emulsifiers. Neem oil has been approved as an organic input by all of the certification agencies in the world.
  • Do BioCare hurt honey bees and other beneficial insects?

    BioCare is safe to honey bees.
    In fact, neem oil spray helps to cure “Nosemosis” and mite problems of Honey Bees.
  • Does BioCare exhibit knockdown effect?

    Unlike conventional chemicals, BioCare does not provide the knockdown effect. Insect mortality begins within hours of spray and extends over 3-5 days. However, insects stop feeding and damaging the animal skin since the time of spray.
  • Is it different from conventional products?

    Generally, conventional pesticides exhibit knockdown effect but, control lasts only for a few days. But, BioCare exhibit slow and sustainable control of ectoparasites affecting animals and birds.
  • What are all the advice to our customers?

    Do not panic when pests are found on animals within 1 or 2 days after spray. BioCare works sustainably on pests and stops it damaging the skin from the time of spray. The control of pests is equal in conventional and BioCare within days of sprays. We advise users to understand the mode of action of the product. BioCare is the best choice for ultimate animal breeder’s benefits.
  • Does BioCare work with conventional insecticides?

    BioCare formulations can be alternated or mixed with most insecticides and fungicides. It makes insects physiologically weak and thus increases susceptibility to conventional and biologicals. However, it is recommended to check tank mix compatibility.
  • Does BioCare help prevent or delay insect resistance?

    Azadirachtin and neem compounds are known to disrupt MFO induction (mixed function oxidase) in many insects and thus it is believed that BioCare helps to prevent resistance. Field trials showed good control of resistant pest population when BioCare is integrated.
  • Can BioCare be used in IPM programs?

    BioCare is an ideal IPM tool for managing resistance in insects and helps reduce insecticidal inputs.
  • What are important tips for good pest control of BioCare ?

    Answer in 5 points
    1. Early sprays as soon as pests are observed.
    2. Spray at 7-10 days interval.
    3. "PH" correction of spray fluid.
    4. Good pest scouting.
    5. Do not panic if dead insects are not seen immediately in treated animals.
  • What is the ideal spray interval for best results for BioCare Formulations?

    7 to 10 Days
    Spray BioCare once in for 7 to 10 days depending on pest incidence. However, actual spray recommendation should be based on actual pest incidence.
  • Do BioCare formulations exhibit contact toxicity?

    Mite unfriendly ;)
    Soft-bodied pests like mites show contact toxicity to BioCare.

Neem ingredients never gets leached into the water sources neither pollutes aquatic life

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250 ml, 500 ml, 1 litre, 5 litres, 200 litres or 180 Kg MS or plastic drums.

Bulk supplies can be arranged in 10/20-ton tankers by road, rail and sea.

Neem oil is not generally restricted by entry barriers in countries across the world.

We utilize recyclable containers as per the European norms.

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