The best natural organic fertiliser and soil protectant obtained from neem seed kernel powder.

Nutraza is obtained by pelletising the cold-pressed neem seed kernel cake. In certain conditions, it is enriched with organic supplements so that it can rectify the micronutrients imbalance in the soil.  It is pelletised by adopting a special technology that preserves all of the 200 organic nutrients of neem.

The pellet form increases the storage up to 3 years and equally facilitates large-scale field application.

  • Best organic fertilizer that contains macronutrients and micronutrients in natural form.

  • Bio-stimulant for the plants when get absorbed through roots. It accelerates root development and overall plant growth.

  • NUTRAZA improves the general appearance of fruits & vegetables and  increasing the leaf age, growth, blossoming and  strengthening the roots.

  • Soil conditioner that improves soil structure by adding organic content and bringing back the soil flora.

  • Natural soil pesticide & fungicide that repels soil insects and retards soil pathogenic fungus.

  • Best natural nematicide with scientifically proven long-term remedy against a spectrum of nematodes affecting plants.

As a natural organic fertiliser

NutrAza typically contains about 6% neem oil, 6 - 7.5% nitrogen, 0.7 - 1% phosphorus and 2.5 - 3% potassium. During its decomposition in the soil, these nutrients are perfectly absorbed and abundantly contribute to the natural growth of the plants.  When NutrAza is applied to soil, it acts a slow release soil fertilizer.

Moreover, NutrAza contains  a number of essential micro nutrients and some of the important oligo-elements like copper, iron, magnesium, sodium, sulfur and zinc. These elements are absorbed by the plants for their daily activity and the production of catalytic enzymes.


the natural plant food.

It has natural form of NPK, micro and oligo elements

Denitrifying factors of NutrAza

NutrAza, by virtue of neem, contains high quantity of Triterpenes, the denitrifying factors. It can be mixed with any nitrogenous fertilizers or applied directly to soil.  It retards the activity and growth of the bacteria responsible for denitrification. Thus, it inhibits the process of nitrification and reduces the formation of nitrates which in-turn will reduce N2O emissions. Hence, it makes Nitrogen available to the plants for a longer duration. It equally prevents the loss of urea in the soil.

Performance of NutrAza with other Fertilizers

Enhancing results were obtained by mixing NutrAza with other organic fertilizers like seaweed kelp, farmyard manure, peat moss, organic humates, (fulvic & humic acids), bat guano, cow bio, chicken bio, seed meals, like castor, groundnut, cotton.

Scientific Proof

Neem as nematicide
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Pest repellent activity of NutrAza

Neem is a biochemical factory of more than 200 biochemical constituents. When it is ploughed into the soil it also protects plant roots from nematodes and soil insects. Neem also known to inhibit the growth of a range of soil born parasitic fungus causing root rots, wilts, etc...

NutrAza has been proved to be effective against a spectrum of nematodes. Scientific studies reveal that it is effective against root-knot nematodes (Helicotylenchus erythrina, Meliodogne arenaria, Meloidogyne incognita, Pratylenchus sp, Haplolaimus indicus, Meloidogyne javanica) that attacks vegetable crops like Lady’s finger, chillies, french bean, tomato, black gram, green gram, egg plant, etc. It is equally effective against the reniform nematodes like Rodopholus similis  that attacks banana, Trylenchor hynchus etc.)

How NutrAza is better than neem seed cake or neem seed powder ?

NutrAza is a special formulation of neem seed cake inorder to retain the major nutrients as long as possible. Its pelletised form increase its storage capabilities for more than 2 years but neem seed cake or powder gets detoirated if stored more more than 6 months. NutrAza pellets enables basal soil application or top dressing using sophisticated mechanised machines. It is easy for handling and application is uniform in the field.

Download the document to understand the difference between the three products.

Nematicida Natural


Protects tender roots from various root knot nematodes. Better alternative to synthetic nematicides that contaminate the soil and aquatic life.

Content (average)

100% Bio Degradable Organic Matter Which Contains
  • Nitrogen : 6 - 7.5%

  • Phosphorus : 0.7 - 1%

  • Potassium : 2.5 - 3%

  • C/N : 21

  • Sulphur : 2.2%

  • Calcium : 2.1%

  • Magnesium : 1.26%

  • Azadirachtin : 900ppm (0.09%)

  • Nimbin : 850 ppm (0.085%)

  • Salanin : 1500 ppm (0.15%)   and more ..,

  • pH : 5.5 - 6
  • Moisture content: 10%

  • Free from heavy metails like Arsenic, Mercury, Lead

Capacity of water retention : 1 :1 (around litre of the product can hold around 1 litre of water)

Typical analytical results may slightly vary depending upon the batches of production and the duration of storage.


Find here below the optimum dosages in different scenarios:

For field crops

(agricultural or horticulture) as basal application

During first ploughing apply 1000 Kg of NutrAza per hectare as basal soil application. In case of a poor soil with low fertility or soil prone to nematode attack double the dosage to 2000 kg per hectare.

For organic plantations where chemical fertilizer is not allowed, applications up to 3000 kg per hectare are reported by some farmers. 

For top dressing, add 500 Kg per hectare just before a critical phase of the crop. Example one week before flowering and/or one week before seed setting. Stop applying before or during the maturity or harvesting phase.

For Nurseries

Top dress 500 g - 1 kg of NutrAza for a plot of 10 to 15 sq. meters. i.e. around 100 g per sq. meter. Irrigate after the application.

NutrAza takes care of the young seedlings by providing readymade organic food and protects from the nursery pests like nematodes, snails, ants etc.

For Transplantation

of seedlings or potted plants to planting pits on the mainland

Fill the pit with a planting media of your choice. Depending on the plant size, spread 100 to 500 g of NutrAza before the last layer and cover up with soil. For tender or medium-sized seedlings like grapes, cucurbits 100 gm per pit is enough. For big tree seedlings that has been already established in pots or bags, we can apply up to 500 g per pit.  NutrAza can be equally mixed with the planting media at the rate of 30 g per kg of planting media and filled directly into the pit. NutrAza cures the transplantation shocks by providing ready plant food and protect its new emerging roots from pathogenic fungus and nematodes.

Note: the ideal period for this operation is during March to May and from September to Mid-November. Avoid periods too hot or too cold. The plant should not be in the flowering phase.

Top dressing

For standing horticultural crops or fruit trees

Mark a ring of about half a meter from the trunk of the tree.  Rake the topsoil outside this ring to a depth of 4 to 8 cm.  Apply around 500 gm to 2 kg of NutrAza per plant depending on the plant size. For example, 500 g for 2-year-old apple tree and 2 kg for a 10 years old established apple tree.  Apply at least once in a year at early spring or beginning of the season. Or split the dosage and apply twice in a year. It produces remarkable result in the quality and yield and at the same time improves the plant immunity.

For repotting

(during spring or Autumn)

If you find that the soil has completely exhausted and the plant roots are emerging out, it’s time for repotting. Water and remove the plant delicately. Prune the prolonging, twisted or dried roots. Prepare a potting media by mixing 25 g of NutrAza to one kilo of Nature Neem – COCO TERRE or any planting medium of your choice.

NutrAza acts a slow release fertilizer and equally protects the plant from transplantation shock and from a possible root infection.

Maintaining the potted plants

(during spring or Autumn)

Rake up to 4 cm of the topsoil that has been exhausted. Depending on the pot size, spread 30 to 250 g of NutrAza and mix with the loosen soil. For example, for pots less than 1 kg add 30 g and for pots around 5 kg, we can add up to 250 g.  Please repeat this procedure at least once in a year. This allows you to prolong the next repotting. In addition to other benefits, NutrAza increases the aeration and drainage of the soil.

NutrAza - Applications


NutrAza is certified by Ecocert as an organic input in compliance with the different agricultural standards. It is the favorite input for farmers seeking organic certifications.


by Ecocert SA F-32600
Input suitable for organic agriculture. Inspected by Ecocert SA F-32600. Attestation reference : 655IN1700n2e

National Organic Programe (NOP)


Input suitable for organic farming, Product Compliant Under NOP.

European Commission Standards

by EC

Inputs suitable for use in Organic Farming, according to (EC) n° 834/2007 & 889/2008 Regulations.

Japanese Agricultural Standard

by JAS

Product suitable for use in Organic Agriculture conforming to JAS Regulation.

Soil Association Certification

Soil Association
Approved Inputs For Organic Farms

Demonstration of application of NutrAza

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2 kg and 5 kg packing for home gardeners.

25 kg & 500 kg big bag packing for professionals.

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