Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

We select the well matured coconuts grown in our own organic plantations at south India. These gardens are maintained for generations through sustainable farming without any synthetic pesticides or fertilisers. Certain manufacturers extract the milk from the immature wet coconut to obtain the coconut butter that is sold as coconut oil. But the real coconut oil is obtained by extracting oil from Copra. Copra is inner dried white material obtained from the well matured coconuts. Additionally, we adopt the traditional cold pressed method by using wooden crushers. No chemical or heat is applied to enhance extraction. We do not add preservatives to extend its storage life. No refining or bleaching is done to enhance its colour artificially. Thus, our oil is golden yellow with the real coconut flavour and preserves all of the magic ingredients of coconut.

  • Real coconut oil obtained from naturally dried, mature coconut COPRA.

  • Oil extracted using the traditional cold pressed method using wooden grinders.

  • The magical ingredients of coconut and its original flavor are preserved.

  • No preservatives are added to extend its shelf life or bleaching is done to artificially improve its quality.

  • Food grade oil and does not contain any traces of pesticides, heavy metals or OGM.

  • Applications: cosmetics - moisturizer, massage. Cooking - a healthier alternative to traditional cooking fats.

Huile de coco vierge pressée à froid

Aceite de coco virgen prensado en frío

Natives Kokosöl kaltgepresst

Olio di cocco vergine spremuto a freddo



Applied to hair, lips and skins as a moisturiser. Saïd to increase the hair growth. Best oil for massage. Can be applied to calm and cure allergic skins. Utilised as a make-up remover.


A versatile oil and a healthier alternative for traditional cooking fat. Can be utilised for dressings, cooking, frying, roasting baking, sauces and marinades frying. Ideal for salads and cold dishes. The unrefined cold pressed oil adds the aroma and flavour of coconut to our dishes.
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Composition & Usage

100% organic, first cold pressed coconut (copra) oil

  • Average nutritional content for 100 g : Energy: 898 kcal, Fats:  99 g in which saturate fatty acids: 93 g, Glucides / Proteins/ salts:  0 g

  • Melting point at 25° C. Utilise with 6 months after opening the bottle. Can be store up to 2 years in refrigerator.

  • Packing PEG bottles that is free of BPA. Bottles does not interact with the oil.

  • Allergy to coconut is rare. Those who are allergic may experience contact allergic dermatitis to coconut products. Food allergies are due to the inability to digest proteins. Coconut protein is found in the meat of the coconut, not in the oil.

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