Neem as Chemical Alternative

Incapacitates the parasites, and prevents the secondary infection of fungus and bacterial
Animal Husbandry

Animal Husbandry

Neem is an effective natural alternative of chemical pesticides that is used to control the ecto parasites and the different fungal diseases affecting animals and birds.

Neem not only incapacitates the parasites, but also prevents the secondary infection of fungus and bacterial. Its medicinal properties heal the wounds and repairs the damaged skin.

Neem is the choice of pet keepers who want to protect their animals as well their surroundings against the effects of chemical pesticides. These chemical pesticides not only stress the animals but also their trace affects human beings in contact with these animals. It is significant that some of fungal infections such as the ringworms that are resistant to conventional pesticides are effectively cured by BioCare.

In certain parts of India, Neem cake is also is fed to livestock and poultry on specific doses and for specific period. Neem leaves and oil are still utilised with confidence for curing the foot and mouth diseases in cattle.

Water soluble formulation of cold-pressed neem oil for animal care

  • Unique neem product formulated specifically for insect control in animals and birds.
  • It has proven effects to control the external parasites and diseases affecting animals and birds.
  • Nontoxic to mammals, animals, birds and aquatic life. Does not affects the health of farmers.
  • Unlike chemical or synthetic insecticides, it does not stress the animal or birds.
  • The herbal power of neem serves as a natural healing agent for curing the wounded or infected skin.
  • Eco-friendly: Organic, natural and biodegradable. The product degrades naturally and does not get carried over to the animal skin, meat, milk, eggs.
  • Suitable for organic agriculture. Inspected by ECOCERT SA F 32600.

For cattle, horses, pigs, rabbits and other animals

Mix 50 ml of BioCare in 1 litre of water (5%). Spray on animal skin and around their environments such as the carpet, floor and walls. A few drops can be applied, as an ointment, directly without dilution on the damaged skin. No need to bath or wash the animals. But if there is a necessity to wash, wait at least 30 minutes to 1 h. For an optimal control, apply once in a week.

For dogs, cats, and other pet animals

The chemical pesticides utilised habitually for controlling the parasites in the pet animals stresses them significantly. It may be equally dangerous for the children in contact with these pet animals. BioCare is completely safer to non-target organisms.

For birds, especially poultry

Mix 50 ml in 1 litre of water (5%) and spray on birds and their environment such as the cage, ground, walls etc.
In the case of major infection: Mix 50 ml for each litre water (5%). The volume of this preparation must match the size of the bird. For example, add 500 ml of the product in 10 litres of water for hens. Immerse the body of the bird (head outside) for approximately a minute and let the bird dry naturally. Apply once in a week or every 15 days. BioCare effectively control recurrent infestation caused by mites. (example Red Poultry mite)
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