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Quality : The quality of the Nutraza is determined by the organic NPK and other nutrients. Nutraza contains NPK 3:3:3, and 100 percent organic


Detailed description of Nature Neem Seed cake

Nutraza is a all in one solution acts as a  fertilizer and as pest repellent, effective especially against nematodes.

NUTRAZA – The all in one solution.

NUTRAZA acts as a best organic fertilizer and soil conditioner by virtue. NUTRAZA contains neem seed kernel cake. It preserves all the 200 organic nutrients from Neem and acts as bio  stimulant for the plants when get absorbed through  roots.

Pest repellent activity of NUTRAZA

Neem is a biochemical factory of more than 200 bio chemical constituents. When it is ploughed into the soil it also protects plant roots from nematodes and soil insects. NUTRAZA has been proved to be effective against a spectrum of nematodes. Neem also known to inhibit the growth of a range of soil born fungus causing root rots, wilts etc.,


Content (on Average)

Typical Analytical results may slightly vary depending upon the batches or production

100 percent bio degradable organic matter  which contains

pH                         : 5.5 - 6

Moisture content   : NMT 10 %         Nitrogen        : 3.0%                        Phosphorus          : 3.0 %

Potassium             : 2.4%                 C/N               : 21                           Sulphur                : 2.2%

Calcium                : 2.1%                 Magnesium     : 1.26%                      Azadirachtin         : min1000ppm  (0.1%)

Nimbin                 : min 850 ppm (0.085%)                                            Salanin           : min 1500 ppm (0.15%)

 And more ..,       Capacity of water retention : 1 :1 (around litre of the product can hold around 1 litre of water)


The above planting media is not only 100 organic without any traces of chemical residues but also

It protects the plant against the sol born pests like nematodes, insects , and inhibits pathogenic fungus

It provides a uniform media which parfait drainage and aeration

It releases the important nutrients constantly and slowly


How to Apply

Unlike chemical fertilizers there is no maximum limit of application of NUTRAZA. However find here below the optimum dosages in different scenarios:


For agricultural and horticulture as basal application: During the first ploughing apply 1000 Kg of NUTRAZA per hectare as soil application. And subsequently add 50-60Kgs as per the crops need.

For Nurseries: Top dress 3 kg of NUTRAZA for plots of 10 to 15 sq. metres. NUTRAZA takes care of the young seedlings by providing readymade organic food and also protects from the nursery pests like nematodes, snails, ants etc.

For Transplantation from nursery or potted plants to main land or to an open field:  Fill the pit with a planting media of your choice. Apply NUTRAZA (200 to 500 gms) before the last layer so that NUTRAZA is well covered. Alternatively you can also mix NUTRAZA with the planting media and fill the pit directly. NUTRAZA cures the transplantation shocks by providing ready plant food and protect its new emerging roots from pathogenic fungus and nematodes.

Note: the ideal period for this operation is during March to May and from September to Mid November. Avoid periods too hot or too cold. The plant should not be in the flowering phase

Top dressing . For standing horticultural crops or fruit trees: Rake the top soil from 4 to 8 cms thickness around half a metre from the trunk of the tree.  Apply around 2 to 5 Kg of NUTRAZA per plant. It produces remarkable result in the quality and yield and at the same time improves the plant immunity.

Maintaining the potted plants - Rake the top soil that has been exhausted and remove upto 4 cms. Add NUTRAZA 200 -500 gms depending upon the pot size. Fill the remaining pot with the Nature Neem – COCO TERRE or a potting medium of your choice. Irrigate copiously. Please repeat this procedure atleast once in a year. This allows you to prolong the next depotting and repotting.

For repotting (During spring or Autumn) –

If you find that the soil has completely exhausted and the plant roots are emerging out, its time for repotting. Water and remove the plant delicately.

Prune the prolonging, twisted or dried roots. Prepare a potting media by mixing 250 to 500 gms of NUTRAZA to the Nature Neem – COCO TERRE or to new planting medium of your choice. In addition to other benefits, NUTRAZA increases the aeration and drainage of the soil.


BIO Pellets of Neem enriched with organic supplements

Price: Depends on the quantity of order and the season of production of Neem. Please send us an email at Specify the quantity you wish and frequency of your sales. We  will send you the best quote available in the market.

Package : 1kg/2 kg/10 kg;25 kg/50 kg HDPE or Jute Bags or paper bags

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Neem enriched organic fertiliser

Products eligible for use in organic farming

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ECOCERT SA F 32600. Attestion reference of Ecocert : 655IN1700n2e

Input suitable for organic farming, Product Compliant Under NOP

Inputs suitable for use in Organic Farming, according to (EC) n° 834/2007 & 889/2008 Regulations

Product suitable for use in Organic Agriculture conforming to JAS Regulation

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