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Detailed description of Nature Neem Seed cake


Quality : The quality of the neem cake is determined by the amount of oil left in it, and also the process by which the extraction was done. The Physical form of the Oil Neem Cake is in Powder or Flakes form.


Description of the product

Nature Neem cake is the residual neem seed meal obtained as residue while extracting Neem Oil from Indian Neem Seed Kernels by Cold Pressed Extraction Process. The Nature Neem Cake is used as good organic manure in agriculture and also acts as pest repellent . The high Azadirachtin content in Nature Neem cake helps in  protecting the  crops against parasitic nematodes and as best soil conditioner.


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Content of neem seed cake (on Average)

Typical Analytical results may slightly vary depending upon the batches or production

Azadirachtin         : min 1000ppm  (0.1%)                    Nimbin                 : min 850 ppm   (0.085%)

Salanin                 : min 1500 ppm (0.15%)                   Moisture content   : NMT 10 %

Nitrogen               : min 4.0%                                      Phosphorus          : 3.0%

Potassium            : 1.67%                                           Carbon                 : 1.2%

Sulphur                : 1.2%                                            Calcium                : 0.77%

Magnesium           : 0.75%


Effects of Nature Neem seed cake on Agricultural crop pests

The Nature neem seed cake was found to be effective against pests viz.,Helicotylenchus erythrina, Meliodogne arenaria, Meloidogyne incognita, Pratylenchus sp, Haplolaimus indicus M.javanica (Root- knot nematode found in vegetable crops like Okra, Chilli, French bean, Tomato, Black gram, Green gram, Egg plant, etc), Parasitic Fungi, R.brassica, Reniform Nematode, Rodopholus similis (banana) Trylenchor hynchus etc..


Applications of Nature Neem Cake in Agriculture

The dual activity of Nature Neem cake as fertilizer and pest repellent, has made it a favored input. It is widely used to fertilize cash crops. When it is ploughed into the soil it also protects plant roots from nematodes , white ants and other soil insects.


Different forms of Nature neem

Nature Neem cake comes in granule form and pellet form and unsurpassed effectiveness is established with the Granules form and Hobby Gardeners can go for the Nature cake pellet forms.


How to use

· During the first ploughing apply 250-400 Kg of nature neem seed cake per hectare as soil application

· and subsequently 50-60Kgs as per the crops need

· Apply 1 kg for plots of 10 to 15 sq. metre.

· Neem cake can also be mixed with soil and apply on and around the roots of the plants, Vegetables, bushes and trees, will have a remarkable result in the improvement of the plant immunity.

·  Neem Cake can be applied safely in all cultures, fruit-bearing, garden products, Melon, cotton, tobacco, Vineyard and Flowers.


Performance of Nature Neem seed cake with Other Fertilizers

Enhancing results were obtained by mixing Nature Neem cake with other Organic Fertilizers like Seaweed Kelp, Farmyard manure, Peat Moss, Organic Humates, (Fulvic, Humic acids), Bat Guano, Cow Bio, Chicken bio, Seed Meals, like Castor, Groundnut, Cotton, and mixing with Inorganic Nitrogen fertilizers like Urea and other Complex Fertilizers can be used for controlled Slow release of nitrogen to the plants.


Mechanism of  Action

· Neem seed Cake is improving the general appearance of fruits & vegetables and  increasing the leaf age, growth,blossoming and  strengthening the roots

· When  mixing with any Nitrogenous fertilisers, it slows the conversion of Nitrogenous compounds into Nitrogen gas , thus making Nitrogen available to the plants for a longer duration.

· Due to its lack or imbalance of Nutritious and trace element It prevents and treats ailment disorders of plants

· It accelerates root development and overall plant growth and protects the plant from Nematodes and white ants.

· It is a totally organic plant food which increases productivity and soil fertility.

· It has antifungal properties and highly suitable for application in Greenhouses.


Effect of Neem cake on various crops

ORANGE: Controlling Citrus Nematodes

TOMATO: Controlling Tomato Seedling Nematodes

TOBACCO: Controlling Root-Knot Nematodes

RICE (coated with Urea): Increasing Nitrogen Uptake by slow release of Fertilizer Urea.


Precautions of storage

Nature Neem seed cake can safely stored in cool dry place. Prolonged storage especially in moist area enhances certain parasitic activity such as fungus. Certain insects have also been reported to multiply in the stored products.

Nature Neem Seed cake

Neem seed meal obtained as residue while extracting Neem Oil by Cold Pressed Extraction Process.

Price: Depends on the quantity of order and the season of production of Neem. Please send us an email at

Package : 25/40/50 Kg HDPE or Jute Bags

Neem seed cake is  restricted by entry barriers in certain countries across the world.

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