Who are we ?

Nature Neem is a private company engaged in the promotion and sales of different bio products and the inputs that are used in the production of different bio products. It also acts as an association of like-minded people who believe that nature sustains the solution for all environment problems faced by human beings.


How it was found

Nature Neem was found by a group of elite farmers and producers of bio products from South India who wished to market their products directly to their national and international buyers. The company then also turned out to be a media for a other producers farmers, the partner members who wished to markete their product using the nature neem brand name. The philosophy was a grand success as the producers could be able to sell their products almost directly to their customers, thereby preventing the third party brokers or agents.

Thus, Nature Neem is not only a producer but also a successful exporter of different agro products from India. Nature Neem is being authorised by Government of India to export different agro products.


What are the benefits of a customer / buyer

Quality : The company sets strict standards for the different products and its formulations. The products are accepted from its partner members who strictly respect these  standards. Experienced technocrats who constitute the technical committee of Nature Neem make repeated visits during the production and the formulation of the product. Strict quality control is thus assured. The products are also verified, tested and certified by the technical committee members of Nature Neem before the despatch.

Price : The farmer producers registered in the partner programme fix the selling price of the products during each season. As no middle agents are involved, the price is much cheaper than the existing market price. Experienced technocrats of Nature neem also involve in formulating the different products as per the demands of its customers. The member-producers thus market their products directly in the name of Nature neem at a reasonable price. All transactions and processing of orders will be done in the name of Nature neem, which guarantees the buyers for a quality product supplied at the expected time.


Our major objectives

To promote cooperative activities among producers of neem and other bio-products.

To promote direct marketing activities of its members to the buyers and to ensure remunerative returns to real producers.

To promote awareness of the different uses of neem and other bio products among the farming community.

To rediscover and diffuse the benefits of neem in the field of traditional Indian medicine.

To educate the end user about the efficient use of neem as a bio-alternative for the existing non-environmental friendly solutions

To promote neem as a solution of soil and ecological problems by various planting programs


How do we achieve

To create direct liaison between the member producers and the buyers based on the demand and supply and to enable them direct marketing without any intermediate agents

By helping the producers of different bio-products to formulate their products as per the demands of the buyer

By fixing grade standards and arranging when necessary for inspection of the bio products produced by its members before marketing and as per the demand of the buyers

By promoting the brand neem “nature neem” for the bio products (especially neem) produced by its members and that strictly respects the prescribed quality standards.

By teaching end-user farmers to prepare neem pesticide formulas and fertilizers for their fields.

By undertaking, assisting or encouraging scientific, technological and economic research of different bio products through one or more research institutes.

By working jointly and collectively with other like-minded organizations such as Neem Association to facilitate linkage development. Network with other NGO's worldwide to popularize neem.

Disseminate neem information, availability and demand through its website www.natureneem.com, www.bio-neem.com, www.natureneem.fr, www.bioneem.fr and through electronic newsletters


The partner programme

Nature neem now have nearly 75 active producers registered in their partner programme. These farmers producers have very poor skill to market their products. They depended on the middle agents who gain nearly 150 % margin with these type of products. Nature neem thus plays a role to query the marketing demands and liaisons with the supply from its producer-members and markets the products through its brand name “Nature Neem” with a minimum service charge. The partnership programme is open to all public engaged in the production, manufacturing and sales of bio-products, especially neem. The membership is also open equally to environmentally conscious individuals, scientists, researchers, farmers involved in organic agriculture and other like-minded NGO’s. Currently, no subscription fee is collected from its member. If you are interested by our association, please send us an email to partners@natureneem.com, describing about yourself and your activities.

Nature Neem—About us

If you are a farmer who produce bio products or engaged in organic agriculture or a producer of Neem products or still a naturists !

And do you wish to be partner member of this association send us an email to partners@natureneem.com

Tell us about your and your activities in the bio world !

Direct marketing is the secret of our success !

We help our partners to sell their products directly to their customers

Strict Quality Control !

The products are verified and controlled by the technical committee comprising of experienced technocrats


We believe that nature sustains solution for all environmental problem faced by human beings

Other Benefits for the partners

Partners are informed about the recent trends and developments of bio-world. A trimestrial newsletter in English sent to members informs them about the recent trends in the bio-world, new products, new demands, the scope of bio products etc. The members are informed about the national or international marketing demands and help them to sell the products with a meagre service charge. The products produced by the members as per the standards prescribed by the association can be sold by using the brand name nature neem upon paying a nominal charge.

Neem seed drying yard at Nature Neem

A neem seed drying yard at Nature Neem

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