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Karanja Oil as Pesticide

Karanja Oil is an excellent pesticide which controls the Nematodes like Organic Neem Oil and we provide the oil with minimum karanjan content as > 20,000 ppm. We are offering  for foliar spray by adding suitable organic emulsifier (we recommend Nature Neem Soap nut Powder) with the Karanja Oil.

Specification for Karanja Oil

























Karanja Cake as Fertilizer :

The cake left after extraction of oil from Karanja, is excellent organic manure with insect controlling properties. Nature Neem Karanja Cake having minimum karanjan content of 1800 ppm and provides the crop with essential nutrients, while significantly reducing the number of soil insects and nematodes. Our field research proves that the Mixtures of Nature Neem Neem Cake and Nature Neem Karanja Cake gives good yields.

Composition of Karanja Cake :

N      - 4.0%

P205 - 0.9%

K20   - 1.3%

Oil     - 5%

Application of Nature Neem Karanja oil

· Used as  lighting oil, in pharmacy particularly for skin problems, in tanning and soaps.

· Soap made from crude oil tends to darken due to a component, Isolonchocarpin, which gives a wine colour in the presence of alkali.

· In rural areas the leaves are used to prevent infestation of grains.

· The cake after oil extraction may be used as a manure.

· Much research has been carried out on secondary processing of Karanja oil to overcome some of its shortcomings. The presence of a hypotensive principle and a substance producing uterine contraction has been reported.

· All parts of the plant have also been analyzed due to its reported medicinal importance.

· Karanja oil, like Neem oil, has been widely used for pesticidal, insecticidal, nematicidal and bactericidal activity.

Nature Neem Karanja

                                 (Pongamia) products

Karanja (Pongamia glabra) oil and seed cake

Price: Depends on the quantity of order and the season of production of Neem. Please send us an email at Specify the quantity you wish and frequency of your sales. We  will send you the best quote available in the market.

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Karanja plant and seed

Package : 200 litre or 180 Kg MS or plastic drums. Bulk supplies can be arranged in 10/20 ton tankers by Road / Rail / Sea .

Karanja oil is not restricted by entry barriers in countries across the world

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Karanjan Content

min 20,000 ppm


Specific Gravity

0.925 - 0.940


Refractive Index

1.4734 - 1.4790


Acid Value



Saponification Value

186 - 196


Iodine Value

80 - 90


Unsaponificable Matter



Organic Matter

80 - 90%


Fatty acid composition



 Palmitic Acid

3.7 - 7.9


Stearic Acid

2.4 - 8.9


Arachidic Acid

2.2 - 4.7


Behanic Acid

4.2 - 5.3


Lignoceric Acid

1.1 - 3.5


 Oleic Acid

44.5 - 71.3


Linoleic Acid

10.8 - 18.3


Eicosenoic Acid

9.5 - 12.4