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BIO CARE’ is a novel formulation from the R&D of Nature Neem which contains neem and karanja oil. The other minor ingredient such as emulsifier is of high grade and leaves no residues or causes no allergy problems to the animals and birds. BIO CARE is effective natural alternative of chemical pesticides that is used to control the ecto parasites and the different fungal diseases affecting animals and birds.


BIO CARE’ is the choice of pet keepers who want to protect their animals as well their surroundings against the effects of chemical pesticides. These chemical pesticides not only stress the animals but also their trace affects human beings in contact with these animals.  It is also a favorite product for organic farmers producing certified meat. When compared to other known botanical pesticides such as Rotenone and Pyrethrins, ‘BIO CARE’ is superior due to its wider application and its influence on nearly 600 species of insects and fungus.

It is significant that some of fungal infections such as the ringworms that are resistant to conventional pesticides are effectively cured by BIO CARE. ‘BIO CARE’ belongs to the category of medium to broad spectrum pesticides. It works by intervening at several stages of the parasites’ life cycle. It does not kill the pests instantaneously but incapacitates in several other ways, thereby the parasite could not develop resistance. ‘BIO CARE’ does not create any environmental problem and keeps the agro-ecosystem totally pollution free.


How ‘BIO CARE’ is different from other conventional pesticides?

‘BIO CARE’ is prepared by the experienced  team of technocrats containing entomologists, chemists, agricultural scientists and field level technicians who know about the practical difficulties of controlling pests
without chemicals or conventional pesticides. Thus ‘BIO CARE’ is a unique combination of natural substances that is tested to leave no chemical residues or create no side effects on the skin of the animals.


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How it works:

1. Sterilizes insect reproductive system and disrupts reproduction.
2. Reduces insect egg laying capacity
3.Disrupts egg hatchability
4.Adversely affects development of larva, pupa and nymphs


Tested to control and repel the ecto-parasites affecting animals:

•Fleas  •Ticks   •Mites  •Flies  •Mange

 Natural Healing aid for:

•Minor Cuts, Grazes, broken Skin
•Skin Irritations
•Itching (Insect bites or Allergies)
•Sore or Cracked Pads

Dosage / Instructions:

For cattle, horse, pigs, rabbits and other animals :

Mix 50 ml of BIO CARE in 1 litre (5%) of water. Spray on animal skin and around their environment such as the carpet, floor and walls. You can also apply the product directly without dilution on infected skin. For more effectiveness leave the product to act for some time. Do not wash/bath the animal immediately after treatment. For optimal usage, apply once in a  week, or every 15 days is sufficient.


For dogs, cats and other pet animals :

The chemical pesticides that we use currently for controlling the parasites in the pet animals such  as malathion not only stresses the animals  but also dangerous for the children’s in contact with these pet animals. BIO CARE is completely safer to non target organisms such as the mammals.

For already infected animals:  Mix 25 ml of BIO CARE in 500 ml of water (5%). Apply on the  animal skin  with a sponge and leave to act at least 10 minutes before bathing the animal. You can also spray this solution in the carpet, the niche, basket, armchair, car mats which may contain tiny invisible pests. 

Dog shampoo :  You can  mix 5 ml of BIO CARE with 100 ml of dog shampoo. If your dog is already struggling with fleas or ticks give the dog a wash first. Use a mild shampoo with a generous amount of BIO CARE added, work that into the coat and leave it in for a while. Then rinse and use the spray. Do this at least once a fortnight.

The neem dog shampoo makes sure the BIO CARE really gets everywhere. It's more effective at reaching the ticks and fleas that are already present. Don't expect it to work wonders immediately, especially with ticks!. BIO CARE does not necessarily kill pests on contact. It works slowly by affecting mostly the eggs and larvae.

Dog Spray  or Insect repellent anti solution: Mix 25 ml of BIO CARE in 500 ml of water. Spray directly on the skin before a walk in the woods or in an environment where the animal may be infested. The neem dog spray increases the repellent action of the neem oil, since the shampoo needs to be rinsed out. The spray will hopefully keep additional pests away.


Apply locally, the product without dilution directly on infected skins.


For birds especially poultry:

Mix 50 ml in 1 litre (5%) water and spray on birds and their environement such as the cage, ground, walls etc.

In the case of major infection: Mix 50 ml for each litre water (5%). The volume of this preparation must match the size of the bird. For example add 500 ml of the product in 10 litres of water for hens. Immerse the body of the bird (head outside) for approximately a minute and let the bird dry naturally. 


Price: Depends on the quantity of order and the season of production of Neem. Please send us an email at Specify the quantity you wish and frequency of your sales. We  will send you the best quote available in the market.

Package : 100 ml, 1 litre, 750 ml (ready to spray), 5 litres, 200 litres or 180 Kg MS or plastic drums. Bulk supplies can be arranged in 10/20 ton tankers by Road / Rail / Sea .  Neem oil is not restricted by entry barriers in countries across the world.

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Water soluble Neem + karanja oil for animal external parasitic control and natural skin care for animals

BIO CARE in 1 litre packing

‘BIO CARE’ contains neem, which is known for its pesticidal & miraculous natural healing properties

Chicken /Poultry mites / Red mites

Dog ticks

Cattle ticks

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