Effect of neem in organic agriculture

Effect of neem in organic agriculture

In India, production of pulses is around 13.5- 15 million tonns during the last decade, while annual domestic demand is 18-19 million tons. The yield of pulses has remained virtually stagnant for the last 40 year (539 kg/ha in 1961 to 544 kg/ha in 2001 to 651 kg/ha in 2013-14). India is short of supply by 2 to 3 million tonns annually. (Agropedia, 2014-15). Green gram [Vigna radiata L.] (2n= 2x= 22) is third important pulse after chickpea and Pigeon pea. It is a self-pollinated crop and is an important grain legume of the tropical area.

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Neem in organic agriculture
Neem in organic agriculture

Neem (Azadirachta indica Meliaceae, subfamily Meloideae and tribe Melieae. Neem is an evergreen, tall, fast-growing tree, which a height of 25m and 2.5m in girth which has an attractive ..

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