Pure Neem Oil

Pure oil proposed by Nature Neem is obtained by cold pressing the seed kernel of good quality segregated matured neem seeds

These neem seeds are obtained by depulping, washing, drying and decorticating current season neem fruits. Our pure neem oil is without any stabilizers, emulsifiers or additives and certified by Ecocert as an organic input.
Neem is a biochemical factory that contains several thousands of organic compounds. Each part of neem is used in medicines. Neem oil has been proved of its curative properties and it has been widely used in traditional system of medicine for centuries now. After numerous research by leading organizations, neem has been found to be safest medicinal herbs effective against a number of diseases. The FDA's Office of Special Nutritionals maintains an extensive database of adverse effects from herbal medications. This database does not include any references to Neem that would indicate potential problems.

As an ayurvedic medicine

Skin Care
Against Head Lice

As an Organic Insecticide
for Plants and Animals



Here below are some of the examples where neem is actively utilised in medicine & cosmetics.

As an ayurvedic medicine

Skin Care

Our pure neem oil is rich in fatty acids and glycerides. Together with its healing properties, it provides an excellent natural moisturizing base for skin care formulations.
For those seeking for an alternative to potentially dangerous synthetic repellents, neem offers an attractive safe alternative.
It can be utilised as a massage oil in combination with other essential oils. It is natural medicine for healing of topical skin disorders such as eczema, rashes, acne, dermatitis, itchiness, ringworm, cold sores, dry skin problems, burns and abrasions. Neem provides a wonder cure for psoriasis when applied directly onto the affected skin.

Neem when applied systematically not only cures Eczema but also prevents its recurrence.

Neam Oil against head lice

Just before bathing, massage Neem oil directly or mixed with 50 % conditioner into scalp and hair. Leave for 5 minutes, shampoo and rinse well.

Or during bathing add a few drops of neem oil with your usual shampoo. Repeat the treatment for at least one week.

Neem oil is an excellent moisturizing oil and contains various compounds that have insecticidal and medicinal properties. It is used as raw material in the commercial preparation of the following known products. It is used in making shampoos, toothpaste, soaps, cosmetics, mosquito repellants, creams and lotions, pet products like pet shampoo, etc.

It also contains vitamin E, other essential amino acids and some percentages of fatty acids. Neem oil is used for treating many skin diseases viz. eczema, psoriasis, skin allergies, etc. and is being studied for making contraceptives in India. A compound found in Neem Oil and neem leaves extract- 'Salanin', has been proven to be safer but more effective insect repellant than DEET. Neem provides protection from not only mosquitoes but also from biting flies, sand fleas and ticks.

Neem oil can be added to regular shampoo for controlling itchy scalp and dandruff. For pets, neem oil can be added to pet shampoo to kill ticks and fleas.

When applied on the skin, it acts as a long-lasting mosquito repellent.

As an organic insecticide for plants & animals

For utilisation as an organic insecticide and for spraying purposes we propose the following products TotalCare, the water-soluble formulation of neem oil optimised for plant spray. BioCare, the water-soluble formulation of neem oil to get rid of ectoparasites affecting animals. BioCare equally cures the skin affected by the parasites.

Can I prepare my own insecticidal spray from pure neem oil?

We don’t recommend it. Because for spraying purposes, pure neem oil has to be diluted in water. As any other vegetable oil, pure neem oil is not soluble in water and requires emulsifiers to do so. Some of the common emulsifiers is not compatible and an overdosage may destroy the neem ingredients.
On the other hand, a lower dosage of emulsifier results in emulsified oil will block the stomatal pores of the leaves of the plants. At Nature Neem, we conducted several research trails for the correct choice and dosage of the emulsifier. Thus, TotalCare and BioCare contains specific emulsifiers at correct dosage based on the end utilisation. Commercially, the price of all the three products are same. 

Mode of action

As a herbal medicine:

  • Anti-inflammatory,
  • Antiarthritic,
  • Antipyretic,
  • Hypoglycaemic,
  • spermicidal (when swabbed internally),
  • Antifungal,
  • Antibacterial,
  • Diuretic,
  • Antimalarial,
  • Antitumor.

As an insecticide:

  • Insect growth regulator,
  • Feeding deterrent,
  • Ovipositional deterrent.
Pure Neem Oil - Applications



by Ecocert SA F-32600

Input suitable for organic agriculture. Inspected by Ecocert SA F-32600. Attestation reference : 655IN1700n2e

National Organic Programe (NOP)


Input suitable for organic farming, Product Compliant Under NOP.

European Commission Standards

by EC

Inputs suitable for use in Organic Farming, according to (EC) n° 834/2007 & 889/2008 Regulations.

Japanese Agricultural Standard

by JAS

Product suitable for use in Organic Agriculture conforming to JAS Regulation.

Soil Association Certification

Soil Association
Approved Inputs For Organic Farms


The Quality of our Pure Neem Oil

NatureNeem oil is obtained by cold pressing the matured seed kernel of good quality seeds. We follow the patented Indian traditional way of the Cold pressing the neem seed kernels (Patent Number 1301083).

Nature Neem takes care to collect only matured pods that is being dropped from the tree rather than harvesting directly from the tree that may contain immature seeds. These seeds depulped, washed, dried, decorticated, machine as well as hand graded in order to remove any immature or disease-affected seeds.

The advantage is the neem oil derived from these type of need kernels contains up to 3300 ppm of Azadirachtin content against 1700 ppm of Azadirachtin in case of seeds derived from the fruits using other expeller methods.

Also, our experiences indicate that the neem oil produced in this way contains low aflatoxin content when compared to other bulk neem oil produced without any batch control. Also, the extraction is done without heat, chemicals, or petrochemicals solvents.

The resulting oil, thus, retains all of necessary biochemical compounds which would otherwise be lost. NatureNeem is thus a pure ne em oil without any stabilizers, emulsifiers or additives.

At Nature Neem, we utilise the cold pressed method to collect pure neem oil from the matured seeds of the current season.

Quality Control

Nature Neem tests the batches for Azadirachtin, Nimbin & Salanin and aflatoxin B1 (below 2 parts per billion). As cleaned well-matured seeds are exclusively used for the extraction, the Azadirachtin content rises to 3300 ppm, especially during July-September. Our records show that the average content over multiple batches is 2500 ppm. Studies also indicate that long time storage at the point of reception especially at a temperature of above 30°C results in the reduction of azadirachtin content. Along with this, there are other limonoids present in Neem like Salanin, Nimbin and Nimbidin which have a synergistic effect in controlling pests. All these magic ingredients are well preserved in the neem oil and neem oil-derived products


Based on the average of several batches

Azadirachtin: 2500 ppm (0.25 %) immediately after extraction, reduces to 2400 ppm in the next 6 months and stabilizes at 2200 ppm. Typical batches of certain seasons have shown record levels of 3000 ppm of Azadirachtin.
  • Nimbin : Minimum 4000 ppm (0.40%)
  • Salanin : Minimum 6000 ppm (0.60%)
  • Aflatoxin BI : Less than 2 parts per billion
  • Saponification value : 180-205
  • Iodine value : 65-80
  • Unsaponifiable matter : Up to 2% ( % by mass)
  • Acid value : Up to 15%
  • Moisture & insoluble impurities % by weight : 0.3%



250 ml, 500 ml, 1 litre, 5 litres, 20 litres,
200 litres or 180 Kg MS or plastic drums.
Bulk supplies can be arranged in 10/20-ton tankers by road, rail and sea. Neem oil is not generally restricted by entry barriers in countries across the world. We utilize recyclable containers as per the European norms.

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