Nature Coco

Huile de Coco Vierge Pressée à froid
No heat, No bleach, No preservatives

Usage instruction
Versatile cooking oil and healthier alternative to traditional cooking fat.
Also applied to hair, lips and skin as a moisturiser.
No traces of pesticides, heavy metals or OGM.
No heat, bleach or preservatives are applied to enhance its colour and storage life.
Can be stored up to 2 years in the refrigerator, but once opened, utilise within 6 months.
Safety Information
Contains no proteins. Contact allergic dermatitis may be experienced in extreme rare cases.
Packing in BPA free PEG recyclable bottles.
  • Contains 100% first cold pressed coconut (copra) oil.
  • Average nutritional content for 100 g.
  • Energy: 898 kcal.
  • Fats: 99 g in which saturate fatty acids: 93 g.
  • Glucides / Proteins/ salts: 0 g
  • 500 ml
Réf. NN-CP-NC-500

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