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Neem against Dengue virus

Neem against Dengue virus

Dengue is endemic in more than 100 countries and it is estimated that annually above 390 million in-fections occur globally. During the period between 1996e2015, a massive increase of more than 500 percent has been recorded in number of dengue cases reported in India. Till date, there are no specificglobally accepted treatments for dengue fever in any system of medicine. Dengue does not cause veryhigh mortality if properly handled and is currently being managed by clinicians through various adjuvantand alternative therapeutic options. Various plant based preparations have been used in different parts ofIndia for combating dengue and are simultaneously also being scientifically validated by researchers.However, number of such scientific validation studies on phytomedicines are very less in India. Out oftwenty-two plants reported against dengue, only four have been studied scientifically.Azadirachta indica,Carica papaya,Hippophae rhamnoidesandCissampelos pareiraextracts were found effective anddemonstrated improvement in clinical symptoms and direct inhibitory effect on dengue virus.C. papayaclinical trial showed increase in platelet count and faster recovery. These plants may be explored furtheras probable candidates for drug discovery against dengue. There is a need to search more such herbalformulations, which are being practiced at local level, document properly and validate them scientificallyto confirm efficacy, mechanistic action and safety, before use. The herbal formulations being used bycommunities are the low hanging fruits which may provide alternative or adjuvant therapy if propervalidation, value addition and product development steps are followed. This paper aims to review therecent status of dengue cases, deaths and evolving curative herbal solutions adapted and reported fromIndia to combat the disease.

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